Mabel Brown Hibbard Collection
The Woodruff Family moved to Savanna, Carroll County, Illinois, in the 1860's.  In addition to
Valentines and love letters (
Ransom Notes), Annie Woodruff Ransom also saved other documents
that might be of interest - especially for genealogists researching history in Savanna.
Date unknown; transcription on back (R)
Boat landing Savanna, Ill
where Northrope W. Hibbard
spent most of his boyhood with his
grandmother and aunts
Chicago Avenue
Savanna, Illinois
Date unknown
Invitation to Savanna Dancing Club 1881
Beautiful, professional invitation.  Transcription:
Page 1


W. I. Bowen, President,
F. A. Chambers, Vice-Pres.
James E. Wood, Sec'y.
T. B. Rhodes, Treas.

Page 2

Invitation Committees.
H. C. Rhodes, A. G. Reaugh, J. E. Wood.
Chas. G. Eldredge, - Thomas Lambert.
Mt. Carroll
Albert Smith, - Prof. S. B. Hursh
Edwin Rhodes, - Dr. F. E. Melugin.

Floor Managers.
D. C. Smith, H. C. Rhodes, G. N. Machen,
Chas. W. Kellogg

Page 3

S. D. C.

Page 4

Given by the
Savanna Dancing Club,
Pulford's Ball, Savanna,
Monday Evening, Dec., 26, 1881
Yourself and Ladies are Invited
Music by the
Mississippi Quadrille Band
Tickets, including supper at the
Chambers House, $2.00

Present this Invitation at the door for admission
to the Hall.

Thomas Lambert, Printer, Sabula, IA

(Envelope addressed to Aurhur P. Woodruff)
"Work and Win."
at the
Savanna High School Building,
Tuesday Evening,
May 15, 1883, at 8 O'clock.
Class of '83:
Newton Dupuis,      Olive Brown,
Edith A. Elliott,    Mary L. Rourke,
Marie Dupuis
Also included are calling cards for
Marie Dupuis and Newton Dupuis.  
Announcement for Ella Woodruff and
S. B. Parkhurt, May 15, 1870
Invitation and letter forwarded from Sarah Ann Woodruff-Dupuis
to Mary Woodruff in 1902.


"Dr. and Mrs. A. Schloemilch announce the marriage of their
daughter, Meta, to Mr. Reuben Webster Newton, Saturday
August second, 1902, Portage, Wisconsin."

(Reuben's mother was Charlotte A. Woodruff.)
(L) The Senior Class of the
Savanna High School
Savanna, Illinois
announces its Class Day Program,
Thursday evening, June ninth,
Baccalaureate Sermon,
Rev. C. F. Moore
Sunday afternoon 3 P. M. June twelfth
Commencement Exercises,
Monday June thirteenth, 1898

(R) Class Roll, '98
Frank H. Morgan                 Daisy Mae Landrum
John N. Casselberry       Northrope W. Hibbard
Laura Iner Chambers         Albert R. Madsen
J. Lois Kearney               Leslie H. Gridley
Helen May Howe       Maude Coy
Fanita Alexandra Moll
Motto: Become that which thou art. Colors Gold & White
1876                     (L)                      1880
Leap Year Party,
for the benefit of the
Sabula Union Veteran Society
at Blenner Hall
Friday Even'g, an. 23, 1880.
Yourself and Gentlemen are Invited.
Music by
Bulan & Calnan's String Band of Clinton
Tickets (including supper) $1.50

(R) Invitation Committee
Mrs. N.C. White, Mrs. H. Reid, Mrs. L. Steen
Floor Managers:
Mrs. Wm. Aikman, Mrs. Add Esmay, Miss A. Young
Miss Annie Woodruff, Present

1778           1878
Centennial Leap Year Party
Yourself and Gentlemen are cordially
invited to attend a social dance,
in Germania Hall,
Wednesday Jan. 5, 1878
Music, Clinton Colored Band
Jerry Wood, F.W. Fitch, C.L. Howe, F. Stedman,
(L) Married at Chicago, Ill.,
Wednesday, October Seventh,
Mary C. Geigus
Chester E. Coulter
At Home
Freeport, Ill., after October fourteenth 1885
Reception at the
Residence of A. H. Hershey,
New Year's day
from 3 to 6.
F. S. Greenleaf               A. L. Bowen.

1884        (R)        1894
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Bowen request your presence at the fiftieth
anniversary of their marriage Wednesday evening, January 31, 1894.

From 8 until 11 o'clock.
(R) At Home
Thursday, March 12th, '74
7 1/2 O'Clock P.M.
A. H. Barshinger.          Alice A Sallade
William Goodrich Cotillion Party 1849  Transcription:  Cotillion Party.  The company of Mr. Wm. Goodrich and Lady is
respectfully solicited at the house of Benj. Morton, at Mitchell's Stand, on Plum River, on Wednesday, Nov. 28, 1849,
at 4 o'clock, P.M.  Managers. R.P. Thorp, L.G. Baldwin, S.M. Journey, Wm. Ankeny, Wm. Logan, Samuel Gilham,
Gilman Searey, David Kyle, Clinton Simmons, Samuel Curley, Carroll Henderson, Samuel Johnson.