Mabel Brown Hibbard Collection

Dedication of the Pioneer Woman at
Ponca CIty about 1928.  My mother was
with me.  Will Rogers, the great humorist,
is speaking at the microphone.  

(It was actually April 22, 1930.)
Make 3 columns
for newspaper, special edition
Teams used in the early days of the
Drumright Okla oil fields - no trucks then
(Name on left side: Dick East, Sr.)

N.W. Hibbard
Mabel Brown
Babe Best
Maud Chapman
Mrs. Ed Best
In front of Post Office at
Kiefer, Okla.
Kiefer Post Office - Creek
County, OK


N.W. Hibbard Postmaster
Mabel Brown - Asst. P.M.
Baseball team in Kiefer, Oklahoma.  Mabel and Nort are in the bleachers in the
upper left side with an arrow pointing at her.
Drumright Post Office
Before the days of Cars or very few
cars then 1916.
N.W. Hibbard bought his firt car in

one. It was an Oakland 4 door. No
glass windows. Curtains had to be
snapped on and taken off by hand.
Schoolhouse in Cleveland, Oklahoma,
where Mabel Brown went to school.


Osage Indian
A common sight in the
Indian Territory days.  
All had beautiful
Indian blankets
wore lots of beads in belts -
moccasins - and vests all beaded

Keep because a picture of real Indian
dress is hard to find any more.
I have seen hundreds of them at one
time in early days in Osage Nation in
Okla at that time Hominy Okla was the
Indian Agency but later was moved to
By Mabel Brown Hibbard
In my childhood days, we lived at Cleveland, I.T. we
used to drive over to Hominy Okla and see the
Osage Indians living like this. Osage Indian Agency
at that time was Hominy, I.T. Indian Territory but
later moved to Pawhuska Okla where it is now.  
Hominy only 15 miles from Cleveland but no cars. So
it  was a good day trip there and back.

Side:  I now have the blue plate that my father got
from the Indians.  The government furnished them
dishes and food, also those beautiful Indian
blankets, but they lived in tepees.
The Browns lived in Oklahoma before it was a state. Mabel documented many of her experiences
on the back of post cards.  She saved them for someone to enjoy in the future. Her husband, Nort
Hibbard, was the editor of the Drumright News in the 1910's. In this collection are a few photos
that were used in the newspaper.