Mabel Brown Hibbard Collection
Northrope Woodruff "Nort" Hibbard

Birth 31 Dec 1879 in Savanna, Carroll, Illinois
Married 1 Dessie Shaw 19 Oct 1910
Married 2 Mabel A. Brown
Death 31 May 1957 in Bellaire, Harris, Texas, USA
Northrope Woodruff Hibbard was born December 31, 1879, in Savanna, Illinois, to Rockwell Hibbard and Cora Woodruff.

Rockwell Northrope Hibbard was born August 21, 1850, in
Milwaukee, WI, to Albert Hibbard and Mary Rice, and died April 3,
922, in Arlington, Iowa.  Cora Woodruff was born July 4, 1856, in Savanna, Illinois, to Isaac Sheldon Woodruff and Mary
Goodrich.  Cora died October 7, 1883, in Arlington, Iowa,
when Nort was just four years old.  His sister, Leta Cora Hibbard
was only two years old.  Cora's sister, Jennie Woodruff, went to Iowa to help Rock with the children.  Her sister, Annie
Woodruff, was a big part of Nort's life.  A
nnie's husband, Charles Ransom, had died after six years of marriage.  They had
no children, but Nort was as close as a son could be.  It was Annie who learned of a teaching job in Broken Arro
Oklahoma, and convinced Nort to accompany her to Indian Territory.

Nort met and married Dessie Shaw in the Tulsa area, but the marriage did not last.  Nort made his way to the boomtown of
Kiefer, OK, where he became Postmaster.  Mabel Brown was a clerk in the post office, and the two became very close and
eventually married.  

Nort was musical - a trait he inherited from his father, who traveled as an entertainer.  Nort was part of a singing group that
went to Washington, D.C. and performed at the inauguration of Woodrow Wilson.  (See picture below)

, as "N. W. Hibbard," became the editor of the Drumright News, a newspaper out of Drumright, OK.  Nort and Mabel
were very passionate about preserving history.  They saved most of the pictures and documents in this collection.
Nort, like his father, was very musical.  He and his musical group from Muskogee, OK, had
the honor of performing during the inauguration of President Woodrow Wilson in 1913.  
Although not noted as such, these pictures were clearly taken at Mount Vernon.  
Transcriptions on back (sic):

4 from left Ray R. Jacson
3 Buelha Edmonson
4 Northrope W. Hibbard

taken in Washington DC

Their quartet there by special train to sing at the Wilson Inaugural 1912
Buelha met and married
Richard Crocker of N. City
Northrope W. Hibbard c.1881, Clinton, Iowa
front and back side of picture
(R) The back of the picture says:

Northrope W. Hibbard
Arlington, Iowa
about 5 or 6
taken about 1885
(L) Nort Hibbard and Beulah Clark at the
Eastman Kodak Brownie camera.

(R) I had no idea photo booths went back to
the 1800's, but Nort seems to have found
one in 1896 and had fun with the camera!
Nort was the editor of the Drumright News.  On March 26, 1915, the
paper printed a special edition featuring bios of local business owners
businesses and telling the history of the boomtown.  Nort and Mabel
had just married two months prior.  Nort captioned his photo "The
Editor."  He jokingly captioned Mabel's photo "The Editor's Manager."
Transcriptions (sic):
(L) NW Hibbard
taken in Washington DC
there at the Inauguration of President Wilson

Nort with quartet that sang - went on special train

(R) From a newspaper in Muskogee, OK:

To Sing Muskogee's Virtues in the East

The Muskogee sextette, crammed full of songs about Muskogee,
departed on the afternoon Katy yesterday for Washington, D.C., to
attend the inauguaration of President Wilson, and Vice-President
Marshall, March 4.  Each of the singers wore a snow white hat
and a hat band bearing the name, "Muskogee, Okla.," and each
carried a cane and pennant.  The warblers are, J. Morris James,
H. E. Dill, Robert Talbot, R. R. ackson, N. M. Hibbard and Marcus
Moltz.  Mrs. E. M. Kerr and Miss Bula Edmondson accompanied
the delegation.

The handwritten date of March 1913 is wrong.  It was 1912.
(R) The last picture taken of Nor with Mabel.  Mabel
before Nort passed away in May of 1957.