Mabel Brown Hibbard Collection
Letters of Historic and Genealogical Interest
Annie saved letters that are a great source of information to historians and genealogists.  Some were written during the
Civil War and gives names of relatives fighting for the Union.  They also describe living near souther sympathizers and
personal feelings about the war.  They also mention the names of family and friends.  

I am working to transcribe the letters and will post the transcriptions as they are completed.  In the meantime, copies of
many original letters are here in .pdf form.  Many more to come.
Eber Woodruff at Fort Sheridan  Feb 23, 1890 Describes activities at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, and Native Americans
brought there from Pine Ridge Agency, including Kicking Bear and Short Bull.  Mentions Messiah Craze and Ghost
Samuel Midkiff Butternut Pin Letter  Date unknown.  Samuel writes to his niece, Mary Goodrich-Woodruff and
describes his feelings on the Civil War.  Mentions a preacher in Campbell, IL, wearing a Butternut pin. (
See Copperheads
for meaning.)
Samuel Midkiff Civil War Sentiment  Feb 18 1862 to his sister (Cynthia R. Midkiff-Goodrich-Barrett), niece and
nephew, Mary Goodrich-Woodruff and husband, Isaac S. Woodruff)  Describes his feelings about the war, Jefferson
Davis and southern sympathizers.  He also describes how others he has encountered in Illinois and Indiana feel about
the war.  Mentions William E. Midkiff in the Union Army and includes many family names.  
Samuel Midkiff Family Update Feb 23 1863 to sister, niece and nephew, updating on his close family members.  
Names include George Stevens, John Cooper, John Reece, Peter Todd, William E. Midkiff
Cynthia R. Barrett Shelbyville Family Sep 7 1849 Cynthia Robertson-Midkiff-Barrett writes to her daughter and
son-in-law, Mary and Isaac Woodruff in Jo Daviess County, Illinois. Describes her trip from Illinois to visit her mother,
Mary Robertson, and family in Shelby County, Indiana. Letter is sweet and humorous. Mentions family members.
Silence Sheldon-Woodruff Family Update Nov 25 1873 Silence writes to her granddaughter, Annie Woodruff, from
Eagle Point, Illinois. Mentions family members, weather and crops.