Ft. Sheridan
Feby 23 – 90

Dear Anna

Your letter from La Porte Ind. rec'd & was glad to have from you.  Your change I presume will be
beneficial to you as now you can devote your whole time to study.  We are all usually well.  May is
improving fast & we hope she will soon be herself again.  Mary says she and May may run down & see
you when the weather becomes pleasant.  Frank is still getting breakfast but I don't think much of it.  
They have named the baby and call her Nydia.  We have just rec'd a visit from Grace Smith, daughter
of Dr. S? Smith of Denver.  She is an interesting young lady & having spent a good deal of time in
traveling in California & other parts makes her observations interesting.  I just rec'd a letter from Sister
Sarah.  She said your Father was up & took dinner with them last week.  All were as well as usual.  I
should like very much to have a visit with your Father as he is getting old and quite feeble.  I face that I
am in about the same boat.  

The improvements at the Fort are still going on finely.  We have about 30 Indians from the Pine Ridge
Agency.  Kicking Bear, Short Bull, 3 squaws & papooses which have attracted a good of curiosity to
those who have never seen real Indians.  They sent up for them from Evanston and gave them a big
feast.  They were dressed in regular Indian fashion with war paint & all.  We see them every day as they
come down to the stores to trade ? But always with a military escort.  They were of the troublesome kind
so Gen'l Miles sent them home until they get over the Messiah Craze on the Ghost Dance.

We were quite surprised to learn you had left the city but as you think for the best.  Come and see us
again when you find it convenient.  The weather has been generally fine for winter but now it is rather

There is nothing specially new except that we have made a new arrangement and are all eating at the
same table as one family.

Write us again soon & let us know how you are getting along.

Love from all,
Yours affly,

E. Woodruff
Mabel Brown Hibbard Collection