Mabel Brown Hibbard Collection
Mabel A. Brown

Birth 21 OCT 1889 in Guthrie, Oklahoma, I.T.
Married Northrope Woodruff Hibbard (1879-1957)
Death 13 Oct 1980 in Sugarland, Texas
Mabel A. Brown was born 21 Oct 1889 in Guthrie, OK, to George Washington Brown, (born 05 Apr 1859, in Lewiston, IL,
to Joseph Brown and Esther Clark) and Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Hazen (born 16 Oct 1869, in Marshall, IL, to John Carlisle
Hazen and Clarinda Freemen).  She died 13 Oct 1980, in Sugarland, TX.

Mabel married Northrope Woodruff "Nort" Hibbard 15 Jan 1915 in Drumright, OK.  They met when he was the postmaster
at Kiefer, OK, and she was the assistant postmaster.  They had a good life together and traveled often with their children.

Mabel (my great-grandmother) lived until I was 16 years old, so I have fond memories of her.  She told stories about life
in the early days of Oklahoma and the Dalton Brothers sleeping in their barn.  The west was still wild, and there were
many hard times in her early life, but she had a zest for living.  She was a bit of a daredevil - diving from the top of Turner
Falls in Oklahoma.

Even at an advanced age, she maintained her elegant appearance and sense of adventure.  I remember a trip with her,
my grandmother, sister and cousin that took us into the Rocky Mountains.  After our pleas to our grandmother to stop
and let us play in the snow were unsuccessful, it was Mabel - whom we called "Grandmother Hibbard" - who convinced
her daughter to pull over for a snowball fight.  

There are too many pictures of her to post this site, but I wanted to include some that showed her personality.  For the
sake of others searching for family members in early Oklahoma, I am also including some of her friends. The titles
underneath are from the captions Mabel wrote on the back. Most of these would be in Kiefer, Oklahoma.
Mabel, Age 19
c. 1910  Captioned "See those hats"
2. Pansy Hart
4. Mabel Brown
Maude Chapman
Mabel Brown
Neva Jones

A proper pose in the
photo to the left.

Goofing off in the
photo to the right.
Maude Chapman
Mabel Brown
Maude Chapman Shobel
Mabel Brown 1913
Kiefer, Okla
One of the few cars in the country
Ray Siegfried & Mabel Brown, 1912

1970 - Now Ray is a very properious
real estate man in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Nort Hibbard Postmaster
Mabel Assistant Postmaster
(Kiefer, OK)
Mabel Brown
N. W. Hibbard
Mabel Brown
Collinsville, OK
Mabel Brown, left
Mary Wright
Mabel Brown
Mary Wright
Mrs. Dr. Wright
Collinsville, OK
Mabel's marriage in 1915
Neva Jones
Maude Champan
Mabel Brown