Mabel Brown Hibbard Collection
Mabel Brown-Hibbard was my great-grandmother.  It was her desire to see her vast
collection of photos, letters, post cards, artifacts, newspapers and other historical and
genealogical treasures preserved and enjoyed for future generations.  This collection
consists of hundreds of items, and more will be uploaded to this site as they are digitized.

The MBH Collection began with other members of our family, mainly Mabel's aunt by
marriage, Annie Woodruff-Ransom. Over the years, the collection grew. It provides a
glimpse into some of the most incredible times in United States history.

It is my pleasure to honor my great-grandmother's wishes by preserving and sharing this
collection with others searching for lost relatives or with those who simply enjoy the history.  
Please respect Mabel's memory by observing our copyrights. Nothing found on this website
can be sold or duplicated without our consent.

As avid genealogists, we understand the desire to add documents or photos to family trees
or websites. We consent to this, only when the following statement is clearly associated with
the item: “From the Mabel Brown-Hibbard Collection at”

Thank you for your cooperation. Please enjoy this collection!